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From time to time we make products that are limited editions, limited runs or outside our main product lines.

Extras and Limited Editions
Desk Front and Top.jpg
Desk Left Wing.jpg

A Handcrafted Custom Computer Desk.

The desk has a solid red oak and cherry bread board top on a modified sawhorse leg design. The  extra wide front offers easy access to the entire 35”x  65” desk. The top has two 1 1/2” x 3 1/2” cut outs for clean easy cable management. The legs have lower shelves to accommodate a tower computer and a printer for less top clutter.




A Handcrafted Custom Night Stands

The tables are made from reclaimed solid white oak . The Oak’s  is from the alter of St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Georgetown, MA.  


The tables are 16" diameter and 28 1/2" high.  The tops are 1 1/4" thick and sport a fingernail edge detail.. They are made from four 4" wide pieces of oak for better long term stability, the lower shelf is 1” thick made up of three pieces.


The legs are set into the top and are slightly tapered to provide the simple elegant look of shaker inspired furniture.


You can see screw holes from the woods previous life.




custom oak tables front view.jpg
custom oak tables reclaimed holes.jpg
custom oak tables top a.jpg
custom oak tables top b.jpg
custom oak tables lower shelf.jpg
custom oak tables.jpg
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2012 Spurr’s Corner Handcraft’s Birdhouses


Every spring we make a limited quantity of birdhouses. Although the design varies year to year the houses are fun, functional and a great yard decoration. This year we made 31 houses.  


The Birdhouses are available at Elements Art Gallery or at craft fairs.


Each birdhouse is unique, the images shown here are examples. Black stands are not included.

Detailed Bird House Information